Case Studies

We really should have an over-arching intro paragraph over here as a preface for the examples on the right.

Logistics Recruiting

  • Partner with one of the world’s largest logistics companies
  • Over 1,000 media placement in 2019 alone
  • Utilized Indeed Hiring Events, Indeed Sponsored Jobs, Facebook/Instagram/Audience Network, Google Ads, Twitter Ad, Geo-Fencing & More!

Retail Customer Service Representatives

  • Executed a large-scale campaign in multiple states to attract Customer Service Representatives
  • Turnaround time from client request to execution was less than 48 hours
  • Utilized Facebook/Instagram/Audience Network & Indeed
  • Impressive results – 4,613 submissions, 30.2% conversion rate

RN Recruitment

  • Campaign targeted nurses in cold weather states to live & work in a coastal community
  • Emphasized beach and local culture in advertising
  • Utilized Facebook/Instagram/Audience Network, Nursing Associations, Postcards, Geo-Fencing & More

eCommerce Fulfillment Specialists

  • New start up facility with aggressive ramp-up plan
  • Comprehensive strategic plan encompassed active and passive media options
  • In just a few months the candidate pipeline was filled and was able to reduce the investment